The aims of the ReproducibiliTea initiative are to:

  1. increase awareness, knowledge and skills for open and reproducible science
  2. build an open science community, to help, learn from and support each other in our open science endeavors;
  3. assist in making regular (small) steps towards open & reproducible science.

The idea is to have regular meetings on any reproducibility related topic, from discussing bias in the literature, a work-session on preprints/preregistrations or a workshop on r-markdown or GitHub. What the contents will be exactly is to be decided by us all and will change from meeting to meeting. For a bit more background on the concept, including suggested reading materials see the official ReproducibiliTea OSF and the ReproducibiliTea Groningen OSF pages.

Previous Events

Date Location Time Room Topic Comments
Feb. 27th @BSS** 11:00 – 12:00 H.431 Understanding open Science (Where to start?) Munafò et al. (2017) – A manifesto for reproducible science
March. 5th @UMCG* 14:00 – 15.00 K1.25 Replicats: judging the replicability of published claims Participants need an account on the Replicats platform

*@UMCG: Triadebuilding, entrance 24

**@BSS: Heymans building, Grote Kruisstraat 2/1

Latest events and announcements: