The aims of the ReproducibiliTea initiative are to:

  1. increase awareness, knowledge and skills for open and reproducible science
  2. build an open science community, to help, learn from and support each other in our open science endeavors;
  3. assist in making regular (small) steps towards open & reproducible science.

The idea is to have regular meetings on any reproducibility related topic, from discussing bias in the literature, a work-session on preprints/preregistrations or a workshop on r-markdown or GitHub. What the contents will be exactly is to be decided by us all and will change from meeting to meeting. For a bit more background on the concept, including suggested reading materials see the official ReproducibiliTea OSF and the ReproducibiliTea Groningen OSF pages.

Previous Events (incomplete list, see also

Date LocationTimeRoomTopicComments
2021-10-18 Sign up for live attendance
or meet online. More info here
14.00-15.00(CET ) More info here Misconceptions about pregistration and registered reports 
2021-10-4 Sign up for live attendance
or meet online. More info here
14.00-15.00(CET) More info here Power calculations
2021-9-20Sign up for live attendance
or meet online. More info here
14.00-15.00(CET) More info here Reset ReproTea (brainstorm about new themes for 2021-2022)
2021-6-17Online14:00-15:00Google MeetThe role of academic libraries in nudging open science – special guest: Giulia TrentacostiNudging Open Science paper:
2021-6-3Online11:00 – 12:00Google MeetDr. Serge Horbachh: Building a Myth or The importance of proper referencing
2021-5-20Online14:00-15:00Google MeetEditorial policies and open science: Special guests: Rafaele Huntjens, Kai EpstudeKai’s editorial:;
Rafaële’s editorial:;
Nudging Open Science paper:
2021-4-22Online14:00-15:00Google MeetWhy use Academic Twitter (or not)?
2021-4-8Online11:00 – 12:00Google MeetTheory crisis in psychology. Special guests Laura Bringmann and Markus Eronen
2021-3-25Online14:00-15:00Google MeetTransparency Audits for Science, good or bad?
2021-3-11Online11:00 – 12:00Google MeetHypothesis Testing
2021-02-25Online14:00 – 15:00Google MeetTowards a responsible research climate: Tamarinde Haven
2021-02-11Online11:00 – 12:00Google MeetReflexivity as an Open Science Tool
2021-01-28Online14:00 – 15:00Google MeetDoes Open Science make you leave academia?Reflections on my PhD and building sustainable science | by Chris Hartgerink | Medium
2021-01-14Online11:00 – 12:00Google MeetWhat would you do to improve open science (if you had 50.000 euros)?for background visit
2020-12-17Online14:00 – 15:00What is worth replicating?Isager et al. (2020)
2020 – 12-3Online11:00 – 12:00Open Access: worth the expense?
2020-11-19Online11:00 – 12:00Google MeetOpen Science and non-ECRsKowalczyk et al. (2020)
2020-11-05Online11:00 – 12:00Google MeetA sceptical view on Open ScienceMirowski (2018): The future(s) of open science
2020-03-05@UMCG*14:00 – 15.00K1.25Replicats: judging the replicability of published claimsMake an account on Replicats.
2020-02-27@BSS**11:00 – 12:00H.431Understanding open Science (Where to start?) Munafò et al. (2017)

*@UMCG: Triadebuilding, entrance 24

**@BSS: Heymans building, Grote Kruisstraat 2/1

Latest events and announcements: