Call for submissions – Open Research Awards

The University of Groningen Library (UB) and the Open Science Community Groningen (OSCG) launch the annual Open Research Award. The award celebrates the many ways in which academics make their research more accessible, transparent or reproducible.

We welcome the submission of case studies that reflect on the use of open research practices throughout the research cycle (e.g. choice of methodology, preregistration), for presenting research output (sharing data, code) and publishing the results (open access).

The case studies ideally explore the challenges and difficulties of making open choices as well as those that celebrate positive experiences and successful outcomes. We are looking for candid accounts of researchers’ motivations for making (or not making) open choices, which offer reasoned assessments of the pros and cons of being open, and are honest about where things didn’t work or could have been done differently.

Staff members and students can submit case studies. All submissions will be screened for eligibility by a jury. All eligible cases receive an Open Research Award certificate.

In addition, three eligible cases will be randomly drawn by the jury; each of which will receive 500 euros to be used for research material, travel costs etc.

The closing date for applications is 1 September 2020, 12:00 p.m. (noon).

See the award page for more detailed information.

Submit your case study here

We also wrote a blog about why we think an Open Research Award is needed, you can read it here.