ReproducibiliTea –  Timothy Errington on the challenges in the Reproducibility project: Cancer Biology

In 2013 a group of researchers started the Reproducibility Project: Cancer biology, with the ambition to replicate a total of 193 experiments from 53 high-impact papers. After seven years, because of a multitude of obstacles they encountered, they were only able to repeat 50 experiments from 23 papers. In our next session one of these researchers will be our guest. Timothy Errington will discuss with us the (un)foreseen challenges in this major project and we are honored to have him. We will be talking about things that are at the core of reproducibility, so don’t miss out!

Suggested reading: Reproducibility in Cancer Biology: Challenges for assessing replicability in preclinical cancer biology | eLife (

When: Monday February 14, 2 – 3 PM (CET)
Where: online