13 February 2020: First ReproducibiliTea @ BSS

New year, new decade  – new initiative! You are warmly invited to the kick-off of the ReproducibiliTea meetings at the faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences.

When and where?

Date: Thursday 13th February 2020

Time: 11 AM – 12 noon

Location: Gadourekzaal, Bouman Building (B.0126)


In general, the aims of the ReproducibiliTea initiative are to

1)      increase awareness, knowledge and skills for open and reproducible science;

2)      build an open science community, to help, learn from and support each other in our open science endeavors;

3)      assist in making regular (small) steps towards open & reproducible science.


With your help we aim at creating a platform for researchers of all ages and at all stages of their career, to get together on any reproducibility related topics.

We’ll organize regular meetings (frequency to be determined), but you do not have to commit to attend all. The idea is that anyone can walk in on any meeting they find of interest.

Among others, these sessions might involve discussing pros and cons of pre-registration, bias in the literature, work-sessions on preprints/preregistrations or a workshops on r-markdown/Github. The exact contents are to be decided by the group and will change from meeting to meeting. For a bit more background on the concept, including suggested reading materials see the official ReproducibiliTea OSF, https://osf.io/3qrj6/

We want to be clear that the aim is not to create another journal club. Our goal is to give space to individual concerns, interests, and needs and create a community which can be utilized to learn from and with each other.

We are not the first to create a ReproducibilTEA at the University of Groningen. Daan Ornée has previously set up a ReproducibiliTEA at the UMCG (https://twitter.com/GroningenTea). During the kick off event he will share his rationale for this initiative and his experiences so far. If you are interested in output from Daan and his group, check out https://openscience-groningen.nl/category/blogs/ for interesting blog posts regarding open science.

We are looking forward to seeing you there. If you cannot attend but you would like to stay updated about future meetings please email m.pittelkow@rug.nl

Best wishes,

Merle-Marie Pittelkow and Ineke Wessel